20th May 2017, Buzet

The VintageAirRally is a combined vintage biplane and car rally in a format never done before. The Start and Finish lines will be at Buzet aerodrome, just to the south of Brussels.

We are looking for teams (four people per team) travelling in a vintage biplane and a vintage car – who will compete to lift the prize at the end of the day. The VintageAirRally Belgium is a combination that represents a world first!

We are currently accepting pre-registrations, and places will be confirmed in the following order of priority:

  1. A pre-formed team of car and biplane (both vintage).
  2. A pre-formed team of vintage car and modern biplane.
  3. Individual vintage biplanes (we’ll try to connect you to a vintage car owner).
  4. Individual vintage car (we’ll try to connect you to a vintage biplane owner).
  5. Individual vintage car (we’ll try to connect you to a modern biplane owner).
  6. Individual modern plane (we’ll try to connect you to a vintage car owner).

Please note that non-vintage cars (built 1967 or later) will not be accepted.

Team registrations will be formally accepted on the basis above, with priority given to the older/more exotic aeroplanes and cars.

The VintageAirRally Belgium costs 500€+VAT (BTW/TVA) for ONE team of four persons in a plane and a car. Please note that the VintageAirRally is a private event.

For the narrative please click on the link below:

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For more information please feel free to send us an email or just give us a call.

Phone: +32 2 880 21 54
Fax: +32 2 880 03 50
Email: info@vintageairrally.com

For Press Enquiries, please contact Beatrice de Smet
Email: bea@vintageairrally.com